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July 23, 2009

I was a late entrant into the world of Harry Potter. Picked up “The Sorcerer’s Stone” when people were already through their copies of “Azkaban”, and I must say, I was pretty underwhelmed it. It was about the same as some of the better Enid Blytons, and I, being in my late teens, was pretty disdainful of the whole experience. The Chamber of Secrets was a little better, but I am being completely blown away by “The Prisoner of Azkaban”, (yes, as usual, I did not manage to keep my resolution!) which was supposed to be the best of the lot, as heard from a lot of friends, and also from other blogs.

How did I know I was “blown away” and not merely “intrigued” or “excited”? Because while I was reading it after a long (and productive, for a change) day at work, the lights went out, and I did something I haven’t done in at least ten years. I picked up the underused flashlight from the side of my bed, clicked it on, and continued reading! It was a wonderful, nostalgic experience. Brought back memories of boarding school, where torches were our most prized possessions and apart from the reluctant visits to the john in the middle of the night (if it was one of those dorms where it wasn’t possible to pee out of the window, snigger..), playing “Catch and Cook” with everyone pointing their torches at the cyling and trying to “catch” the other fellow’s torch-beam, and raiding lockers for food, flashlights were mostly used for reading past lights-out.

Hope the book is as engaging right through to the end, and I can maintain the momentum enough to complete at least one more HP book before going back to a murder mystery (which, by the way, are the silver lining to the dark cloud that is murder, don’t you think? As Govinda / Sanjay Dutt would say: “Murderrr agar na hota, toh mysteryaan na hoti / mysteryon ke bin chalaak detective bhi na hote..” I can go on, but will stop it here.. Quietus!)


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