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How to make the Perfect Egg Maggi

February 21, 2010

Here they are, the exact steps I followed to make the Perfect Egg Maggi. Yes, worthy of capital letters. Good enough to make a blue ribbon chef turn green with envy:

1. Generate an intense craving for egg-curry, circa 8 p.m.

2. Sit on your back-side till about 9:20 p.m., before going for a bath. (Being Sunday, the first bath of the day of course.)

3. Let natural lethargy take over after a long shower, and decide to make egg-Maggi instead. After all, the new curry flavour and boiled eggs would make it as good as egg-curry itself.

4. Goof off while boiling the eggs, forgeting to note the time. Result: soft-boiled eggs.

5. Remind self that soft-boiled eggs can cause Salmonella, E. Coli, and what not.

6. Decide to shallow fry soft-boiled eggs in butter to cook them completely, after the Maggi is ready.

7. Attend to various phone calls while cooking Maggi, causing them to over-boil and become a little too soggy and limp.

8. Dunk some butter in a frying pan (in more quantity than necessary), and put the soft boiled eggs in, cooking them completely, but also mistakenly dropping some egg-shells in.

9. Chuck the now-cooked eggs into the saucepan with the Maggi. Since there’s a lot of butter left in the frying pan, wipe it clean with some noodles, thus effectively cleaning the pan, adding some yummy buttery flavour to the Maggi and also heating some of the already cold noodles.

10. Empty a sachet of Kissan tomato ketchup into the saucepan containing the Maggi and the eggs.

11. Eat with a glass of Kissan grape squash, with gtalk and twitter running in front of you, and the cricket match on the TV by your side.

12. Savour with delight, thinking up the perfect plan to jump-start your languishing blog. The egg-shells make the whole thing crunchy, drawing attention away from the limpness of the noodles.

13. Spend a few minutes thinking about whether it is possible that some Salmonella or E.Coli bacteria had survived on the egg-shells.

14. Blog about the whole thing, in any case.

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